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At the heart of digital beveragessm is its family of MyFountain drink dispensers. Whatever your pleasure — fruit juices, carbonated drinks, flavored waters, iced tea, beer, wine, mixed drinks — MyFountain delivers. And it’s 100% customizable depending upon your tastes.


The base configuration of the MyFountain dispenser features more than you could ever imagine coming from even the most cutting edge technology.

  • dispensing nozzle accommodates eight different concentrates
  • dedicated lines for two beers and two wines; variable to suit your mood
  • automatic self-sanitizing feature
  • hot, cold, and carbonated water
  • online recipe generator
  • password protection
  • ability to control amount dispensed during a set time
  • child-proof protection on alcohol lines

MyFountain XL

The deluxe version of the MyFountain line offers everything in the base configuration plus the ability to customize with any combination of digital beveragessm unique and remarkable features, including:

  • up to one terabyte storage area for all your digital content
  • broadband access point on a private network
  • when not using the dispenser, the MyFountain XL  becomes a fully functional PC.  You can do the same things as you would with a laptop or desktop computer by simply connecting the roll up keyboard.

Universal MyFountain Features:

  • Each MyFountain dispenser includes several key components that not only set it apart from the field, but actually create a brand new playing field. These features include:
  • Pressurized Dispensing Cap – the digital beveragessm patented pressurized dispensing cap allows the dispensing unit to be compact and more dependable than outdated competing products. This cap keeps carbonated and perishable beverages fresher, longer.
  • Touch-Screen Network Controller – a computerized control device monitors and controls every aspect of the dispensing process. Using a simple, customizable interface, users select the beverages they wish to dispense and their amounts.
  • Password Access - Users can limit access via password-protection allowing parents to restrict access to alcoholic beverages.
  • Automated ordering - Automates the maintenance and ordering process, and provides real time inventory control for each individual unit.
  • Portion Control – programmable limits on the daily or hourly dispensing of each product controls the amount of sugar or other drink components for any and every MyFountain user.
  • Wireless - Using wireless technologies, this controller uploads information to a wireless base station that is connected to a normal phone line, which then forwards key data to the digital beveragessm central server. Users only have to select which beverages they want and this simple controller takes care of everything else.
  • High-Quality Water Filter – some of the digital beveragessm dispensing units will be attached to a tap water source. The filter will remove any impurities or unwanted tastes from the water prior to combining it with the flavored syrups and concentrates, into the final beverage.
  • Dedicated Dispensing Lines – some of the lines inside the dispensing system will be dedicated to only a single beverage, such as beer or wine, when mixing flavors would be inappropriate.
  • Installation – this service will include delivery of the unit, installation into cabinetry or other location, initial configuration of the network controller, and the first supply of beverages.
  • Maintenance – maintains and sanitizes dispensers on a regular basis, usually at the same time as replenishment.
  • Replenishment – the network controller on each unit will inform each satellite office of the status of beverage supply via a wireless connection to a base station, then to the Internet.
    • By monitoring the consumption patterns of each customer, the appropriate supply of concentrates, syrups, beer, wine, or other beverages are delivered you automatically..


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